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form 843 pdf

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When Page Doesn’t Specify Encoding Uses the selection shown in the Default Encoding option only if the HTML source file does not specify a type of encoding

View and edit an article Use the Article tool to create, display, and make changes to an article box in the PDF documentView articles on the page Choose Tools > Edit PDF > More > Add Article Box

form 843 pdf

View articles in the PDF Choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > ArticlesTo read an article, double-click it, or select the article and choose Read Article from the options menu in the Articles panelThe first line of the article appears in the upper left corner

form 843 pdf

To hide the Articles panel after the article opens, select Hide After Use in the options menu of the Articles panelDelete an article or article box In the Articles panel, do one of the following: To delete the entire article, select the article in the Articles panel, and press the Delete key

form 843 pdf

To delete only one box from an article, right-click the box, and choose Delete

In the warning message, select BoxIn the Layers To Be Merged pane, select one or more layers, and select Add

To remove a layer from the center panel, select one or more layers, and select RemoveIn the Target Layer To Merge Into pane, select the layer into which to merge the selected layers

Flatten layers Select the Layers button, and select Flatten Layers from the Options menuEditing layered content You can select or copy content in a layered PDF document using the Select tool or the Snapshot tool

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