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convert file to pdf

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It's a white sheet of paper with a red design (the Adobe logo), and you'll see in the upper-right corner of the screen

Method 5: Repairing your Adobe Acrobat or Reader Another reason why you can’t open PDF files is damaged Acrobat or Reader softwareIt is possible that due to certain errors, the program cannot properly execute its functions

convert file to pdf

You can resolve this issue by repairing the version you installed on your computerWith that said, follow the instructions below: Launch Adobe Acrobat or ReaderClick Help

convert file to pdf

From the drop-down list, select Repair InstallationYou will be asked if you want to repair your currently installed Reader or Acrobat version

convert file to pdf

Click the Yes button

How to Open PDF Files in Windows 11 Microsoft Edge is the default PDF viewer in Windows 11, but you can also use the Chrome browser to open PDF filesAlternatively, you can copy the data by pressing Command + C on Mac or Control + C on Windows

Image titled Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Step 4 4 Open an Excel document and select a number of cellsAs before, to quickly select multiple cells, click and drag your mouse from the upper-leftmost cell to the lower-rightmost cell

Be sure to select enough cells to fit your dataOtherwise, you will only be able to paste part of the data

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